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The past few days have been nothing short of difficult. I’ve battled with my mental health, wishing it was something I could help and I can’t. I put me first and took from work what I call a ‘Mental Health Day’ and for my partner’s sake, postponed my visit to see him lest I take it out on him.

My circumstances would say that I’m doing well. I’m having a good December by becoming financially responsible, moving into a new job role in the new year and expanding in my career and making subtle but noticeable changes to my diet that improve my mood. I also feel very positive that this year I have been far more reliable as has been pointed out by close family and friends that I can be quite unreliable sometimes. I have the most wonderful partner by my side and despite boulders of trouble coming our way, we defeat them and continue to enjoy our relationship and how far we have come – including celebrating 10 months together this month. I am looking forward to the last few days of this year and feel grateful that this year has been the best year in the past 4 years.

As always, there are things that I could work on: I am looking forward to growing my hair long and although it sounds irrelevant, I welcome anything that strengthens my character as this will because of the discipline involved – I know that nothing will happen overnight. I look forward to potentially finding a new rental of my own or to share with my boyfriend; holidays with my boyfriend and just enjoying life now that I am 24 and continue to get older and wiser.

On not such a light note, I have what I have diagnosed as a “fear of abandonment”. It has come to my attention from the fact that there is nothing like a relationship to act as a mirror to the soul. There is nothing I can do to help the fact of the matter but I can help myself to react better for my own good and the sake of those around me. I aim to be better to myself and less selfish to others. It is one thing to say you love someone but another thing to do it. I am learning not to make excuses.

there is nothing like a relationship to act as a mirror to the soul.

It can be hard work. My fear, I think, has come about from having experienced my functional years without my father and as that happened, I had to find closure on my own. This fear spills into my relationship and I have had to try extra hard to try to make things work on my end that I would allow what I have with Jake grow. Although I am level-headed in most situations, at times, my irrational feelings become rational thoughts that I am fully convicted by, making an enemy of those on my side. By taking full responsibility and humbling myself to use CBT (cognitive behavioral techniques) to carry it out, I create a happier environment in my mind and am reminded that mental health is nothing to be ashamed of. And with the support of those who know me and love me, I will pull myself through. Because for every battle I might lose, the war is never over.

for every battle I might lose, the war is never over.

As much as I want to be held, and told that it’s okay, the inner child within me wants reassurance with affection and most definitely attention. But the reality is, no one else can live my life but me. I am the only one that can be me and do what I do. I must remember that while it is quite scary, it is a privilege, for each individual, to be the only one to have the purest perspective of things from one’s own heart. It is harsh sometimes as others will never walk in our shoes and be on the journey that we’re on. I am strong, and although understandably I want to be the capable and strong version of myself at all times, I am only human and I can help myself.

I am only human.

We are creatures of habit. We are creatures that are shaped by the thoughts we believe. Our thoughts become actions, our actions behaviors and eventually who we are. And I am going to be me.

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Let it go

Growing up I’ve had to learn to be assertive. This is very much a part of being true to myself.

I can’t have it all. Saying that, I am happy. However, there are times that my core values have to be reordered by priority and circumstance.

I have to create justice where possible, and stick with that.

Sometimes I have to choose between monetary value, efforts, closure, revenge or avenging, reconciliation, and other factors, to make peace with myself and a particular situation.

There is sometimes no win-win and compromise – much to my displeasure – but this is the art of acceptance.

What is your peace?

Love lessons


Don’t push away but lean towards.

It’s all too easy for anyone to stay in their comfort zone. But when you leave it, life begins.

J always said to me from the start:

“I don’t argue, I talk. I don’t shout, I discuss.” And at first admired it, then found it increasingly frustrating, and now find it highly admirable.

So here’s some advice from what I’ve learned these past 6 months:

  1. Talk, talk, talk and then talk some more
  2. To your partner not about them
  3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. It is an act of trust that requires 100% courage.

My grandad once said to me:

“If you believe that you can do it then you can. If you see the light. Trust god to get you there and you will make it.”

Real love works hard.


Don’t be mediocre


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

– Marianne Williamson (Author)



New season.

New logo.

New me.

Sunshine Moodlet is back!!!

Upon the initual launch of the blog, we saw some deep posts. Since taking an unintended break from posting, I have grown and found that my experiences have lead me to be the best Rhianna I can be today. I’ve made mistakes, I can always admit, and I’ve triumphed, majorly!

I am keeping the authenticity of what I post and focusing on the fun of gaining insight into who I am and what I think (it helps that I really could talk for England!)

Having said that, I’d love to thank my faithful followers and encourage active engagement with future posts.

Stay tuned for goodies on the agenda including giveaways, interviews, quizzes and more!!!

Love Rhi xx


What is Sunshine Moodlet about?


First things first, what on earth does Sunshine Moodlet mean?!

When thinking about creating this blog, sunshine was the first image that came to mind to connote joy.‘Moodlet’ to me, is a reminder of how we live in a constant mood. And although mood tends to assume negative, it can very much be positive too!
Another thing is that I LOVE the Sims; while I don’t know the official name for the thing above a Si
m’s head, that’s the sort of thing I’m going for – we, too, have a ‘moodlet’. (If I can find a better way to describe it, I will let you know!!)

Nonetheless, I hope it’s clear that the yellow bubble which is the simple logo that is, in its own way, imitates the sun, associates with joy and aptures positive mood. It also seems to represent my own personality as a bubbly person I (mostly!) am.

This blog has been created by me, Rhianna, to encourage anyone and everyone in their life through hard times and to celebrate good times, too. I created the Sunshine Moodlet Facebook page back in February 2015 during a hard time of my life which was mostly for me – to help me with anxiety I suffered from.

With blog articles, it is my hope that SM posts will make your day, life and mood a little bit brighter if it can! I want to encourage you spiritually and in your self-esteem, in a personal way. From my heart, I will share my own life experiences and what I have learned about life and love. I hope that you find my posts authentic that you would know a little bit more about me and the blog and that I will know a little bit more about you, too!

If there is one small thing to take away from what I share with you, then that makes me happy.

So that’s Sunshine Moodlets and a bit about me. Check it out, stay tuned, get involved!

Check the page out on insta too for details of upcoming blogs! @sunshinemoodlet

Love Rhi